Honours Bachelor of Human Kinetics (BHK), Education and Coaching and Formation à l'enseignement (B.Éd)

The integrated program in Human Kinetics (Faculty of Health Sciences) and Formation à l’enseignement (Faculté d’éducation) is designed to prepare teachers for French-language elementary and secondary schools in Ontario. The program that prepares teachers for elementary schools is generalist in nature, while the program leading to secondary school teaching takes a more specialized approach. Each program has specific academic requirements and admission procedures.

  • Admission to the accelerated dual degree program doesn’t guarantee entry into the Formation à l’enseignement program. 
  • You must have a 66% average in your 10 best courses of your first two years of study in Human Kinetics. 
  • A statement of experience isn’t required.

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In addition to providing students with quality knowledge and skills for teaching in Ontario's French-language elementary and secondary schools, this program will enable them to apply these skills in physical activity, education and coaching interventions to enrich people's lives. Theoretical and practical training will provide strategies to encourage individuals to become more active and to enhance individual experiences in a wide variety of physical activity, education and coaching settings. Students will critically examine how multiple education and intervention roles can improve health, well-being, development, learning and performance at the individual and societal levels. Training will integrate various social science disciplines such as psychology, socio-cultural studies, pedagogy, and leisure studies. Students will have the opportunity to develop group intervention skills in the context of physical activity education, sport coaching and recreational programming.

Graduates of the integrated program will have a wide range of career paths in teaching in Ontario's French-language elementary and secondary schools. The articulation between theory and practice is at the heart of the programs and is structured by the collaborative alternation between the university and school environments. In keeping with the University's mission to serve the Franco-Ontarian community, this program provides an opening for the expression of diversified values, needs and pedagogical practices by fostering reflection on the culture and dynamism of this community living in a minority setting. This integrated program also complies with the regulations for the Certificate of Qualification and Registration of the enseignant agréé ou d’enseignante agréée de l’Ontario (EAO).

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