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Honours Bachelor of Science in Human Kinetics

Both the Honours Bachelor of Science in Human Kinetics (BScHK) and the Honours Bachelor of Science in Human Kinetics — Applied Studies in Kinesiology are designed to immerse you in the biophysical sciences of human movement.

These programs explore the roles of biological, anatomical, musculoskeletal and neuro-motor systems in m otor performance, as well as the impact of sport and physical activity on the body. 

  • Gain a deep understanding of anatomy, biomechanics, exercise physiology, motor control, and psychomotor behaviour.
  • Learn how social sciences contribute to human movement and performance.
  • Have opportunities for experiential education through internships or research projects.
  • Prepare for advanced degrees and certifications in fields related to health, rehabilitation, and kinesiology.

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Bachelor of Science in Human Kinetics

Bachelor of Science in Human Kinetics — Kinesiology

Core Curriculum

Broad range of topics in human movement, anatomy, physiology, exercise science, and fitness assessment

Core Curriculum

Designed to meet the competencies required by the College of Kinesiologists of Ontario.


Greater flexibility with elective choices allowing for a broader educational experience.


Limited elective choices to ensure all necessary courses for certification are completed.

Dual fast-track options

Dual fast-track options

None available

Practical skills

Opportunities for practical learning activities and research, but less focus on practical training for kinesiology certification.

Practical skills

Extensive practical training in exercise prescription, injury management, and ergonomics.

Certification preparation

Provides a pathway to certifications such as Certified Personal Trainer and Certified Exercise Physiologist with the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology (CSEP), without a direct focus on kinesiology certification.

Certification preparation

Direct preparation for the professional licensing examination for Registered Kinesiologist with the College of Kinesiologists of Ontario (CKO).

Career opportunities

Suitable for various careers in fitness, wellness, and physical education

Career opportunities

Suitable for careers in clinical settings, sports performance, and as certified fitness professionals

Subjects covered

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  • Focus: Principles of mechanics applied to the study of human motion, including the study of internal and external forces acting on the body
  • Research areas: Joint biomechanics, human movement analysis technologies, neuromuscular control, balance, posture, ergonomics, and head injury biomechanics.
  • Objective: To understand and enhance human mobility across diverse populations (healthy, elderly, pathological, athletes, and occupational groups).
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Motor control

  • Focus: Exploring the neural and psychological foundations of human adaptation, control, and skill learning in movement.
  • Research areas: Sensorimotor control, skill acquisition, and posture control, with investigations spanning normal, elderly, and pathological populations.
  • Objective: To explore the intricacies of how humans adapt and learn skilled movements, contributing insights into sensorimotor and psychological aspects.
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  • Focus: Investigating how the human body works in response to physical activity.
  • Research areas: Obesity; effects of nutrition; behaviour; and activity on energy balance; physical activity impact on weight loss; factors influencing perspiration and temperature regulation; and more.
  • Objectives: To deepen our understanding of the physiological aspects related to obesity, energy balance, and thermoregulation, contributing valuable insights for human health and performance.
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