Jennifer O'Neil
Jennifer O'Neil
Assistant professor

2022: Post-doctoral Fellow, University of Ottawa
2021: Ph.D. Rehabilitation Sciences, University of Ottawa
2009: MHSc. Physiotherapy, University of Ottawa
2005: BSc. Movement Sciences, University of Illinois at Chicago

LEE 419B


Dr. O’Neil is a physiotherapist and assistant professor in the School of Rehabilitation Sciences, in the physiotherapy program at the University of Ottawa. As a physiotherapist, her main interest is providing rehabilitation care for people living with neurological conditions and community-based rehabilitation. 

Her research program focuses on improving access to effective physiotherapy interventions. Using technology, her doctorate thesis targeted the implementation of intensive home-based telerehabilitation programs for people living with a moderate or severe traumatic brain injury. She has done work in capacity building and telerehabilitation implementation across Canada, including implementing a telehealth fall prevention program for francophone communities living in minority situations. From a global health perspective, using person-centered and mixed-method approaches, Jennifer aims to improve health equity and access to rehabilitation services.

Professor O'Neil is accepting new students for thesis supervision.

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Research interests

  • Global health, Health Equity and Access to rehabilitation services 
  • Clinical implementation and knowledge mobilization 
  • Innovation, Digital Health, Sensors, Wearables, Telehealth
  • Person-centered, mixed-method approach, Health systems 


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  • O'Neil J, Egan M, Marshall S, Bilodeau M, Pelletier L, and Sveistrup H. The Impact of Two Telerehabilitation Schedules for Physical activity, Mobility, and Balance Among Survivors of Moderate to Severe TBI: a mixed-method approach. Physiotherapy Canada, published online: June 20th, 2022 
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