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MHSc in Audiology

Audiology focuses on normal development of auditory skills. It involves evaluation and treatment of hearing impairments, tinnitus and balance problems.

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MHSc in Occupational Therapy

Both a science and an art, occupational therapy focuses on preventing disability, as well as restoring or boosting people’s activity, health and wellness.

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MHSc in Speech-Language Pathology

Speech-language pathology focuses on normal development of human communication. It involves assessment and treatment of voice, speech, language and oropharyngeal disorders.

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MHSc in Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is a front-line health-care profession. Working independently, physiotherapists seek to maintain or increase the functional autonomy of their clients.

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PhD in Rehabilitation Sciences

This program prepares you for a career researching a wide range of topics related to rehabilitation, basic scientific issues with psychosocial consequences and various states of health.

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Clinical education

Our team provides you information about our policies, procedures and useful tips for clinical education.
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