The mission of the Masters of Health Science in Occupational Therapy program at the University of Ottawa, which is offered in French, is to train competent health care professionals able to respond to the needs of the francophone population in Ontario and, more generally, to the needs of francophone communities in the bilingual and multilingual Canadian context.

Occupational therapy is both an art and a science whose aim is to prevent handicap situations, re-establish or promote occupation (everyday activities that people do), health, and well-being of individuals. Occupational therapists work in collaboration with individuals or groups of individuals to prevent or address occupational performance difficulties. Occupational performance difficulties may arise from a health condition, developmental issue, environmental obstacle or a consequence of aging. Difficulties may occur in areas of self-care, productivity, or leisure. Occupational therapists enable their clients to reconstruct their life and develop a renewed sense of self-identity and independence.

The program

Consortium National de Formation en Santé (CNFS)

The Consortium national de formation en santé (CNFS) is a national association of post-secondary institutions that offer educational programs in French for various health-care professions. 

The CNFS aims to improve access to health-care services in French in minority language communities by training Francophone health-care professionals and by supporting research related to this training and to the needs of these communities. 

The University of Ottawa is one of 16 CNFS member institutions. 

Its role is to support the health-care sector students, professors, researchers, professionals and supervisors who are involved in its targetted programs in three faculties, namely the Faculty of Medicine, the Faculty of Health Sciences, and the Faculty of Social Sciences.