Céline Braumann

Céline Braumann
Céline Braumann
Assistant Professor (on leave)

Ph.D. (Vienna)
LL.M. (New York)
Mag.iur. (Vienna)
B.Sc. (Vienna)

57 Louis Pasteur, Room 544


Céline Braumann specializes in public international law and international economic law. She is an Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Law (Common Law Section), University of Ottawa and is the co-chair of the Faculty’s International Law Group.

Before joining uOttawa’s Faculty of Law in January 2023, Professor Braumann spent nine years researching, teaching, and practicing international law across several countries and institutions. She holds a doctorate in law and a B.Sc. in economics from the University of Vienna and an LL.M. in international legal studies, which she obtained as a Fulbright Scholar at NYU School of Law. Her doctoral thesis focused on the intersection between public international law and international tax law.

Professor Braumann is admitted to the New York Bar and has experience working on investor-state and international tax dispute settlement. She has served at domestic and international courts, including the International Criminal Court and, as a Judicial Fellow to Judge James Crawford, the International Court of Justice. From 2016 to 2022, she worked as a Lecturer and Researcher at the Department of International Law of the University of Vienna.

Prior to starting her position at uOttawa, she was a Legal Officer at the International Law Department of the Austrian Foreign Ministry. She continues to support the Austrian Foreign Ministry with Austria’s intervention in Ukraine’s case against Russia before the International Court of Justice (concerning Allegations of Genocide under the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide).


  • CML 3143A – International Investment Law (Fall 2023)
  • CML 4108B – Studies in International Law: International Taxation (Fall 2023)
  • CML 1105G – First-Year Thematic: International Environmental Law (Winter 2024)
  • CML 4136B – Advanced International Economic Law (Winter 2024)

Selected Publications

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