The University of Ottawa Law Practice Program promotes access to justice for Francophones by training highly qualified lawyers who can offer legal services in French.

Why provide a placement to a candidate of the French LPP?

Before commencing their placements, LPP candidates will have undergone an intensive four-month practical program during which they will familiarize themselves with all aspects of the legal practice including communicating with clients, legal researching and drafting, strategic decision-making, oral argument, computerized firm management, time management, billing, professional responsibility, developing a business plan, and networking.

All University of Ottawa LPP candidates are fluent in French and able to provide legal services in that language. Only candidates who have studied law in French or who have successfully completed a French-language examination are admitted into the University of Ottawa’s LPP and our program includes a rigorous legal writing and oral advocacy component in French.

Many University of Ottawa LPP candidates are trained in both civil law and common law.

Lawyers working in small- and medium-sized firms, clinics, not-for-profit organizations, unions, and as in-house counsel play a vital role in promoting access to justice. By providing a placement to an LPP candidate in one of these workplaces, you contribute to training the next generation of lawyers ready to work in these areas.


To contribute to the LPP or to obtain more information:

Communicate directly with the LPP team by email ([email protected]) or by phone at 613-562-5800 ext. 1011.
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