Eight steps to starting your graduate studies at the Faculty of Law.

No pre-evaluation service is available

You must submit an application with the necessary documents for an evaluation to be carried out. Incomplete admissions applications will not be evaluated.  Applicants are advised that meeting the basic eligibility criteria does not guarantee admission to the program.


Documents submitted at the time of admission are the property of the University of Ottawa and can not be returned to applicants. Unnecessary documents will not be consulted, retained, or returned to applicants. These documents will be destroyed according to our administrative procedures.

Steps to submit an application

**Check your emails regularly as the University of Ottawa will send you regular messages regarding the status of your application and if additional information is needed. The committee reserves the right to ask you to provide a copy of an article or a copy of a work that you have written.

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Please note that you will be required to pay a non-refundable application fee (for most programs) to study your file.
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