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Check Your Admission File In uoZone

Once your application has been submitted to the University of Ottawa, create your session on the uoZone student portal using the codes sent to you by e-mail and follow the progress of your file.

Save this message, because it contains your student number, uoAccess ID and password to access the uoZone student portal and track the progress of your application.

Check your admission file in uoZone

Your uoAccess ID and password, which you need to open a session in uoZone and track your application, are included in the acknowledgement of receipt that we emailed you when we received your application.

Follow these steps to access your admission file:

  • Go to the Students page.
  • In the uoZone box, click Login.
  • Type your uoAccess ID and password.
  • Click Login.

If you have difficulty accessing your account contact IT for students.

Read your University of Ottawa email messages. We will be in touch with you regularly to update you on the status of your application.