In uOttawa’s bid to increase its research intensity and international recognition, research and teaching prizes and awards are becoming more and more important.

Awards such as these promote and recognize a culture of excellence and raise the visibility and profile of the institution and its members on the national and international scene. Gaining this recognition strengthens the appeal of uOttawa as a first-class institution for study and research and encourages careers in research/academia.

The Faculty of Medicine Awards and Prizes Office provides assistance to faculty members in identifying relevant awards and prizes and preparing applications, as well as coordinating nominations with key stakeholders within and external to the University.

See the list of past award recipients.

For more information on the services provided by the Faculty for prizes and awards, please contact:

Dr. Chris Kennedy
Director, Awards and Prizes for Excellence in Education and Research
613-562-5800 x 8529
[email protected]

Upcoming awards and prizes

Awards and prizes that recognize the contributions and accomplishments of our faculty members are encouraged and supported by the Faculty. The awards and prizes listed below cover a wide variety of disciplines. Additional details can be found by following the links provided. Awards will be added as we learn about them. Please let us know about relevant awards that aren't on the list, and/or updated nomination deadlines for the various awards.

While most awards are open to submission directly from nominators, we encourage you to inform and work with the appropriate leaders and staff in your department to prepare nominations. Should you wish for additional assistance, please feel free to contact the Director of Awards and Prizes for the Faculty of Medicine, Dr. Chris Kennedy.

Nomination deadlines will be updated as we learn about them. 

Faculty of Medicine Awards of Excellence

The Faculty of Medicine is proud to recognize the achievements of its faculty and support staff in various areas reflecting the Faculty’s five strategic priorities: Education, Research, Engagement, Francophonie, and Internationalization and Global Health.

Faculty Member Awards of Excellence (2022 award categories and competition details)

Faculty Member Awards of Excellence (past winners)

Support Staff Awards of Excellence

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COVID-19 recognition program

Recognizing the heroism, selflessness, dedication, and productivity of individuals and teams across the Faculty during the pandemic.
Read the submissions.