The Faculty Wellness Program (FWP) organizes seminars in an effort to educate our Faculty. The seminars touch on a series of wellness-related topics and include a Q&A session.
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Webinar Recordings

Dr. Ed Spilg, provided a talk in which participants explored the latest evidence on moral distress and the impacts of health professionals during COVID-19 and what interventions can address these.

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Mankind's search for happiness is as old as recorded human history. From Aristotle to Freud all philosophers have an opinion regarding it. Blaise Pascal once said that even people who are trying to commit suicide are trying to be happier. Joy is similarly elusive and fleeting when experienced. Even before the pandemic, the WHO declared that depression was the leading cause of disability as of 2012 and an epidemic of the developed world. This was despite the fact that external stresses were diminishing; extreme poverty was on the decline, life expectancy was on the rise and other indicators of health were improving. Why, when external stressors were decreasing, were people experiencing increased internal stress? As we come out of this pandemic, the world has experienced a global threat unseen for over a century. What will the effects on our mental health be? What is the connection to work place mental health, productivity and job satisfaction? What is the connection between workplace engagement and joy at work? Is there such a thing as work life balance or does the concept of harmonics make more sense? What is the connection between mental health and mental wellness? Are they just two extremes of the same continuum or are they different things? Join Dr Lau as he will discuss possible answers to these and many other questions.

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