Below is information on the process and management of medical leaves of residents and clinical fellows. Please direct all inquiries to the Faculty Wellness Program at [email protected].

Information for residents and clinical fellows:

  • Medical notes are only required for medical leave beyond seven (7) days.  

  • Residents are expected to communicate with their program administrator:

    1.  that they will be away on medical leave and;

    2. the anticipated duration of their leave. 

  • Residents must provide a copy of their medical note to the Faculty Wellness Program via email at [email protected]

  • Residents are responsible for providing the Faculty Wellness Program and program administrator with an update on the status of their leave ten (10) business days before their expected return date.  

Information for program administrators:

  • The Faculty Wellness Program (FWP) will confirm receipt of the medical note with the PGME office within 48 hours of it being submitted. 

  • PGME will notify the program of the details of the leave.

  • Program administrators must complete a status change form and submit it to PGME, if not already done so.

General information: 

  • All updates regarding the leave status will be communicated by the Faculty Wellness Program directly to the PGME office, who will notify the program.

NOTE – The University and the FWP are closed during the holiday break. Medical notes submitted during this time will be processed when the office returns in the new year.