The information below provides additional information, guidance, and dossier templates that will help you prepare your promotion application. Clinical Faculty who are interested in pursuing academic promotion are encouraged to participate in a workshop organized by the Office of Faculty Affairs and the Continuing Professionalism Development (CPD) office.

All Promotion applications must be submitted online via the Promotion website.

For further information on the promotion process of our clinical and non-clinical faculty , please refer to the Guidelines for Academic Promotion below and APUO Collective Agreement.

For questions and concerns regarding the promotion of clinical faculty, please contact the Coordinator, Faculty Affairs at [email protected].

For questions and concerns regarding the promotion of non-clinical faculty, please contact the Supervisor, Office of Academic Affairs at [email protected].

Guidelines for Academic Promotion of Clinical Faculty

Purpose of the Document

This document serves to outline the new criteria and process for academic promotion to the levels of Associate Professor and Full Professor for clinical professors in the Faculty of Medicine. These guidelines were prepared to assist clinical faculty (MD) and clinical scientists (PhD) within the Faculty of Medicine in understanding requirements for promotion and in assembling their application package.

An overview of “How to Use This Guide” can be found at the end of this introductory section.


Faculty Affairs Committee

August, 2020

Executive Leadership Team 

August 2020

Faculty Council August 2020