The role of the Human Resources (HR) team at the Faculty of Medicine includes ensuring the consistent application of University policies and procedures and providing high level services across the Faculty and its departments.

The HR team provides services in support of the mission and vision of the University of Ottawa, which aims to offer university community members an unparalleled experience.

HR is the primary point of contact for all questions related to human resources, including requests for job postings, recruitment, job descriptions, payroll & compensation, labour relations, training & development and performance management. Members of the HR team are specialized in the interpretation and application of laws, regulations, policies, procedures, collective agreements and memoranda, and strive to facilitate workplace relations that favour a culture of partnership. We take pride in engaging our employees in a collaborative and supportive environment that empowers them to learn, grow and excel. In addition, we are committed to providing a caring and respectful workplace – one in which every employee makes a difference and is an invaluable member of the team. We know that only by working together will we succeed in achieving our vision of delivering maximum value to our employees, students, Researchers, Clinicians and Faculty Members at large.

List of services offered by the Human Resources Generalist at the Faculty of Medicine

General services

  • Contact point for questions related to Human Resources (requests for recruitment, SPAF, job descriptions, postings)
  • Consult with supervisors and administrators on questions related to Human Resources
  • Contact person for the interpretation of laws, regulations, policies, procedures, collective agreements and memorandums related to Human Resources
  • Resource center (books, management tools)


  • Proofreading of resumes for employees applying to new positions
  • Interview preparation and mock interview
  • Feedback to candidates after interview
  • Career planning


  • Provides help to write job descriptions
  • Provides help to determine and write the essential qualifications for a position
  • Provides advice on job classification
  • Salary analysis


  • Provides feedback and support to management in relation to the staffing process
  • Posting
  • Preselection
  • Selection
  • Probation

Employee relations

  • Meets with the Faculty of Medicines new employees
  • Offers feedback and support to management in relation to employee performance reviews
  • Exit interviews
  • Provides support, feedback and input to both supervisors and employees in situations of conflict or difficulty in the work place

Our team

Members of the Human Resources team of the Faculty of Medicine are:

  • Heidi Baier, Director, Human Resources, Payroll and Academic/Clinical Relations
  • Alexandre Messager, Manager, Human Resources and Faculty/Clinical Leadership Development
  • Jennifer Dale, Manager, Human Resources
  • Chloe Laframboise, Human Resources Generalist
  • Daphnée O'Hurley-Bland, Human Resources Generalist 
  • Pasquale Donovan, Supervisor, Faculty Payroll & HR
  • Blanche Dinelle, Senior Officer, Finance
  • Outman Diouri, Senior Administrator, Payroll
  • Diane Legendre, Senior Administrator, Payroll 
  • Jennifer Rozon, Payroll and Benefits Administrator
  • Evin Sezer-Hepcanli, Manager, Academic Affairs and Governance
  • Jasmine Carchidi, Lead Officer, Administrative Support
  • Marie-Christine Gagnon, Senior Advisor, Academic Affairs
  • Nahla Elewa, Senior Officer, Administrative Support
  • Samar Osama, Senior Administrator, Administrative Support
  • Emmanuelle Sauvé, Senior Officer, Administrative Support
  • Kayla Hébert-Desnoyers, Manager, Faculty Affairs 
  • Chantal Prendergast, Senior Officer, Administrative Support, Faculty Affairs 
  • Louise Gagné, Intermediate Coordinator, Administrative Support, Faculty Affairs 
  • Alexandra Lafrance, Intermediate Coordinator, Administrative Support, Faculty Affairs

For questions and information, please contact:

Key competencies


Organize in time a series of actions or events in order to achieve an objective or a project. Plan and organize own work and priorities in regular daily activities.


Demonstrate creativity and initiative to suggest improvements and encourage positive results. Be proactive and self-starting. Show availability and willingness to go above and beyond expectations whenever possible.

Service excellence

Reflect a positive attitude, demonstrate competence and professionalism, treat members of the community with respect, exercise care, devote full attention and find solutions. (Visit the section "Useful links" on the home page to read the detailed definition).

Teamwork and cooperation

Cooperate and work well with other members of the team to reach common goal. Accept and give constructive feedback. Adjust own behaviour to reach team goals.

Academic members

Faculty members are the academic staff of the University and include professors of various ranks, lecturers, and/or researchers. At the Faculty of Medicine, faculty members must hold either an MD, a PhD, or an equivalent doctorate degree, and be eligible for academic appointment to one our departments or schools. Professionals or instructors from other institutions who are associated with the Faculty of Medicine may be eligible to become a faculty member through appointment as an adjunct professor.

Lab Anatomy Faculty discussing with each other

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