The Office of CPD can support and guide you in enhancing your learning events, implementing new evidence-based learning strategies, increasing learner engagement and improving learner outcomes.

We take advantage of a growing body of literature that can guide us in how to build and implement learning strategies that will effectively address uptake of new evidence and necessary changes in medical practices. A well-designed and logical process for developing and delivering learning events improves the final product. When the structure, content and modes of delivery are presented in a coherent and logical fashion, your learners will more easily engage with the learning activities.

By integrating interactive and efficient learning strategies, you can make the learning experiences memorable, challenging and productive. The quality of your presentations and workshops benefit your learners, the communities that they work in and, most importantly, our patients. We can help planning committees, chairs and presenters to achieve their teaching and learning goals. We can help you discover teaching paths and tools that you may be unaware of. We can help you re-examine and improve programs that have been going on for a while, or explore new paths for new courses and events.

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For each of the activities listed below, our consultant in CPD development and quality of learning will be pleased to offer you advice, recommend tools, and facilitate workshops and meetings between you and your team.

We can help you do the following:

  • Facilitate discussions to identify your CPD program’s goals
  • Devise and analyze a needs assessment
  • Identify program learning outcomes
  • Write learning objectives
  • Improve the coherence of your CPD program
  • Integrate active learning techniques and increase learner engagement
  • Develop a self-evaluation process of an existing program
  • Develop teaching and learning strategies that are adapted to your needs

Contact the Office of Continuing Professional Development at the Faculty of Medicine to schedule an education consultation.
E-mail: [email protected]

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