2022-2023 Leadership team

Team Leads (Radiation Oncology Physics): 

  • Dr. Eric Vandervoort, CNS, Head and Neck 
  • Dr. Katie Lekx-Toniolo, Breast 
  • Dr. Elsayed Ali, Thorax 
  • Dr. Danielle Fraser, Abdomen and Pelvis 
  • Dr. Claire Foottit, Brachytherapy 

Education Leads 

  • Dr. Lesley Buckley, Medical Physics Residency Program Director 
  • Dr. Claire Foottit, Radiation Oncology Training Program (Physics) 
  • Dr. Rebecca Thornhill, Radiology Residency Program (Physics) 
  • Dr. Elsayed Ali, Undergraduate Program 

Modality Leads 

  • Dr. Jason Belec, External Beam Delivery 
  • Dr. Lesley Buckley, CT and X-Ray 
  • Dr. Claire Foottit, MR Simulation (Radiation Oncology) 
  • Vacant, MR (diagnostic)
Dr Eric Vandervoort cyberknife

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