Disclaimer: Email addresses in each profile are for academic functions at the University and not intended for clinical use. For all patient/clinical matters, please contact the respective clinic.

Abdeen, Nishard

Abdeen, Nishard MD, FRCPC

Assistant Professor

Davila, Jorge

Davila, Jorge MD

Associate Professor

Highmore, Kerri

Highmore, Kerri MD, FRCPC

Chief, Department of Medical Imaging
Assistant Professor

Hurteau-Miller, Julie

Hurteau-Miller, Julie MD, FRCPC

Assistant Professor

Koujok, Khaldoun

Koujok, Khaldoun MD

Assistant professor

Matzinger, MaryAnn

Matzinger, MaryAnn MD, FRCPC

Assosciate Professor

Putnins, Rita

Putnins, Rita MD, FRCPC

Assistant Professor

Rotaru Carmen

Rotaru , Carmen MD, PhD

Assistant Professor

Shapira Zaltsberg

Shapira Zaltsberg, Gali MD

Assistant Professor

Shenouda, Nazih

Shenouda, Nazih MD, MSc, FRCPC

Assistant Professor

Wilson, Nagwa

Wilson, Nagwa MD, PhD

Assistant Professor

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