Support Staff Awards of Excellence

In the spirit of recognizing the outstanding achievements of our dedicated support staff, the Faculty of Medicine is pleased to bestow Support Staff Awards of Excellence annually.

The details for the 2022 Support Staff Awards of Excellence competition are below. Please note that awards competitions for faculty members and learners are run separately.

Nomination deadline:

Please submit your nomination by 11:59 p.m., October 14, 2022, using this form.

Award Categories:

You will be asked to choose from among the categories below on the nomination form.

1) Research:

Presented to an individual and/or team who has supported the Faculty’s research goals, including but not limited to:

  • building on our current research strengths
  • advancing our emerging research priorities
  • enhancing our world-class collaborative research environment
  • growing our state-of-the-art research infrastructure
    • Note that staff do not have to conduct research or be directly involved in research to be eligible for this award.

2) Education:

Presented to an individual and/or team who has supported the Faculty’s education goals, including but not limited to:

  • enriching the learner experience
  • expanding innovative education programs
  • fostering interdisciplinary and interprofessional learning
  • growing our education research methods centre

3) Francophonie and Francophilie:

Presented to an individual and/or team who has supported the Faculty’s Francophonie goals, including but not limited to:

  • advancing la Francophonie
  • cultivating a Francophile environment
  • engaging with our francophone communities
  • broadening our bilingual programs

Examples of efforts may include but are not limited to:
·      leading by example in the use of French and bilingualism in communications
·      advocating for the cause of the Francophonie in a minority situation
·      believing in and defending the active offer (the invitation to communicate using either English of French)
Nominees may be Francophone or non-Francophone staff members.

4) Engagement:

There are three sub-categories of engagement awards that may be presented to individuals and/or teams:

Wellness: Presented in recognition of efforts to support the health and well-being of the Faculty of Medicine community or a sub-group of thereof (e.g. work unit, staff, learners, faculty).

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion: Presented in recognition of work in the promotion of equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) throughout the activities of the Faculty.

Professionalism: Presented to an individual and/or team who recognizes the importance of promoting ethical and professional behaviour within our community and who embodies the Faculty’s core professionalism values: respect, collaboration, excellence, compassion, empathy, integrity, transparency, honesty, altruism, wellness, equity, confidentiality, responsibility, accountability, dedication, self-improvement.

  • Note that the nomination text need not touch on this exhaustive list of values.

5) Service Excellence:

Presented in recognition of excellence in serving and supporting the Faculty or University community and contributing to the achievement of the Faculty’s or University’s goals. The efforts and contributions of this individual/team enrich the quality of the experience of professors, researchers, clinicians, residents, fellows, internal clients and/or other stakeholders. The award recognizes staff members who look for ways to defy the conventional, improve service quality and provide solutions that meet clients’ needs. They stand out for the exceptional quality of the service they provide.

6) Internationalization, Global Health and Social Accountability:

Presented to an individual and/or team who demonstrates exceptional leadership and commitment in advancing the Faculty's strategic mandates of Internationalization, Global Health and Social Accountability, including through contributions such as:

  • ensuring impactful and diverse partnerships
  • improving global health locally and abroad
  • empowering our learners for global citizenship
  • prioritizing our social accountability mandate (i.e. advocating for or engaging in behaviours that respond to and support the needs of communities or regions we serve –  working to address the priority health concerns at the community, regional, national, or international level.)
  • contributing to economical, environmental or social sustainability at the Faculty, University or community level – or beyond

7) Innovation:

Presented to an individual and/or team in recognition of efforts to explore an innovative idea or approach with the goal of improving efficiencies, reducing costs or improving service to students, professors, researchers, clinicians, residents, fellows, or internal clients and/or stakeholders. 

Note: The specific number of awards to be presented per category is not pre-determined and will reflect the nominations received. It is possible that no awards will be given in certain categories, while more than one award might be presented in other categories.

Award Eligibility:

All Faculty of Medicine support staff members (including administrative, IT, lab and grant-paid staff) are eligible, regardless of their job level and category (contract or permanent).

New this year!: Clinical department support staff who contribute to the Faculty’s objectives are also eligible. For example, clinical department staff whose work supports the undergraduate and postgraduate medical education programs (UGME and PGME), and their learners and faculty members, would be eligible. Clinical department support staff support various programs and departments at the Faculty.

Individuals/teams cannot receive an award that they have won in the previous two years. E.g., if an individual/team won an award in 2020, they would not be eligible for that same award until 2023. They may win an award in another category.  

Who can submit nominations?

All staff, learners, faculty members, and Faculty leaders can submit nominations. Self-nominations will not be accepted.

Submission guidelines:

  • For each category, individual and team nominations will be accepted.
  • Each nomination must consist of a 200-250-word description of why the individual or team is deserving of an award in that category. This and the completed nomination form are the only documents required.
  • Please illustrate how the efforts and contributions of the individual surpassed the expectations of their role. For a team, the nomination must explain how the efforts and contributions surpassed the office’s mandate. 

Winners will be notified toward the end of the year and will be recognized at the Faculty of Medicine Support Staff Holiday Luncheon, the date for which will be announced soon!
View 2021 Award Winners. Note that the Support Staff Awards of Excellence were not held in 2020.

We are lucky to have so many dedicated and talented staff. Please take the time to recognize their efforts by submitting one (or more!) nominations. If you have any questions, please email Meghan Marcotte, program manager, engagement, Office of Marketing and Communications.