Scott Findlay
Scott Findlay
Associate Professor
Director, Graduate Studies - Institute of the Environment

1 Stewart Street (301A)
(613) 562-5800 ext. 3108

Department of Biology


Dr. Findlay’s current research program has five components: (1) developing and testing predictive models of ecosystem response to anthropogenic stress; (2) developing and testing mathematical models of the evolution of resistance in cancer; (3) developing and applying methods for assessing scientific weight of evidence in environmental and biomedical sciences, particularly with respect to environmental contaminants and cancer therapeutics; (4) operationalizing general decision principles (e.g. the precautionary principle) for decision-making under high scientific uncertainty; and (5) integrating traditional and scientific knowledge systems in environmental and human health risk assessment.

Research interests

  • Conservation biology
  • Ecosystem management
  • Ecological risk assessment
  • Evolution of resistance
  • Cancer
  • Weight of evidence
  • Scientific uncertainty
  • Traditional knowledge