The Centre for Psychological Services and Research (CPSR), a training unit of the School of Psychology at the University of Ottawa offers a pre-doctoral internship in both French and English giving interns an opportunity to complete their training in either language.

Our training

Appointments begin September 1, 2024 and end on August 31, 2025. The stipend is $30,000 paid over the period of an intern's training; an additional $500 is allocated to external applicants to assist with moving costs. The stipend is paid through a bursary. Additional benefits include a three-week vacation, statutory holidays, and including the Winter holiday breakCertain external rotations exempt for the period between Christmas and the New Years.

In 2024-2025, we anticipate having two full-time positions, available to students from Ph.D. programs in clinical psychology other than the University of Ottawa program, and six full-time positions reserved for students in the Ph.D. Clinical Psychology Training Program at the University of Ottawa.

For the internship year 2024-2025 the following internship positions are anticipated:

  • Adult Clinical (External applicant; English or bilingual; CPSR & external rotation; APPIC # 182719) - 2 positions.
  • Adult Clinical (Internal applicant; English, French or bilingual; CPSR & external rotation; APPIC # 182714) - 2 positions.
  • Dual - Adult/Child/Family Clinical (Internal applicant; English or bilingual; CPSR & external rotation; APPIC # 182720) - 1 position.
  • Adult Clinical (Internal applicant; French; CPSR & Montfort Hospital2; APPIC # 182718) - 1 position.
  • Adult Clinical-System/Community (Internal applicant, English or Bilingual; CPSR & CRECS3; APPIC # 182717) - 1 position.
  • Child/Family Clinical (Internal applicant, English or bilingual; CPSR & external rotation; APPIC # 182715) - 1 position.

Note: Certain external rotations are exempt for the period between Christmas and the New Year.
2The split for these positions is 60% of the intern's time at CPSR and 40% at the external site.
3For this position the intern will complete an 80-hour internal rotation in administration-related training as well as a 600-hour rotation in community consultation at the Centre for Research on Educational and Community Services (CRECS).

Practicum placement

The CPSR practicum placement provides intensive supervised experience in the practice of clinical psychology regarding clinical services to adults, adolescents and children, as well as to couples and families. Practicum placements are designed to enables students to acquire

  1. competence for the autonomous practice of clinical psychology;
  2. a sound commitment to ethical standards of professional practice, and
  3. a strong sense of professional identity and responsibility.

The CPSR practicum placement will initiate you to two main areas of practice in clinical psychology:

  • Assessment (i.e., diagnostic, career, and treatment planning)
  • Intervention (i.e., individual, group, couple, and family)

The cornerstone of the program at CPSR is the scientist-practitioner model in which the clinician is encouraged to rigorously examine and critique interventions, account for the choice of such interventions, and evaluate their outcomes.

In order to complete the required hours of psychological services at CPSR students must complete five cases during their practicum placement (two assessment cases and three intervention cases). Each completed case must be approved by the clinical supervisor. Evaluation of acquisition of expected clinical competencies are assessed by the supervisor at two time points during the year (December and May). Expected competencies development is discussed individually with the practicum student’s supervisor and described in a Supervision Agreement.