Clinicians deliver psychological services under the close supervision of psychologists registered with the College of Psychologists of Ontario who are either faculty members of the School of Psychology or who work in the community.


Psychological services are provided by doctoral students enrolled in the clinical psychology program at the University of Ottawa and interns enrolled in the one-year CPSR predoctoral internship program. Interns are doctoral students finishing their training and have been accepted from either the University of Ottawa’s clinical psychology program or from other accredited clinical psychology programs. Our clinical psychology program and full-time internship program are both accredited by the Canadian Psychological Association. The clinicians’ role consists in providing career counselling and psychological assessment services as well as therapeutic intervention services to adults and children. All services are supervised by psychologists registered with the College of Psychologists of Ontario. Many of the CPSR supervisors are also faculty members at the School of Psychology.

Clinical supervision at CPSR

These activities expose clinicians to the application of psychology and the delivery of services based on current scientific knowledge while meeting contemporary standards of practice in psychology. Supervision is offered in individual and group formats on a weekly basis and takes into account the competencies and particular interests of each clinician. CPSR’s registered psychologists use various therapeutic approaches, such as cognitive behavioural therapy, emotion focused therapy, existential therapy, experiential therapy, integrative therapy, interpersonal therapy and psychodynamic therapy.