Resources available to graduate students

Work spaces for doctoral students

In September, the Operations Coordinator or the Academic Assistant sends an e-mail to ask doctoral students if they are interested in sharing a work space.  If they are interested, they must let the IFGS Secretariat know, in writing.  The matching of doctoral students to a workstation is done randomly mixing different cohorts in each shared PhD room.

Work spaces for master’s students

Early September, the Academic Assistant sends an e-mail to all M.A. students to inform them of the new door code for the M.A. study rooms. Please note that these study rooms are on the basis of “first come/first serve”. A student takes any available workstations for several hours but must absolutely clear that station at the end of the day.

Teaching and research assistantships

A month before the start of the semester, the Operations Coordinator or the Academic Assistant will inform students of the posting dates for teaching assistantships. Students must consult the postings on the University of Ottawa Human Resources' website. Postings will be up for 10 working days. The research assistantships positions are posted at any time on the University of Ottawa Human Resources' website.

Please note that students who receive an admission's scholarship must complete an electronic application since they are guaranteed a TA or RA position by their unit. We assume that scholarship holders who do not submit an electronic application for a Teaching assistantship are declining any position for that semester.


For assistance, contact the Social Sciences Librarian: Katrina Petryk at, [email protected], 613-562-5800 extension 3655, Morisset Library, room 121.

Graduate Students Association

The Women's Studies Graduate Students Association (WSGSA) represents all graduate students registered in a graduate program at the Institute of Feminist and Gender Studies.

Each year, in September, an executive is elected at a general assembly.  Positions are open to all Feminist and Gender Studies graduate students.  During the year, the Association represents graduate students at different levels in the University (at Institute meetings, the TA union SFCP/CUPE 2626, as well as the Graduate Student Association at the University of Ottawa).