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Conflict Studies and Human Rights

Examine issues relating to conflict and human rights in a world where conflict resolution is ever evolving.

The international community has sought to prevent and end conflict while helping to build sustainable peace for several decades. Globally, there is a tendency towards adopting human right-based approaches to ending conflicts. In this program, you will explore the causes and consequences of the many armed conflicts that persist around the world. You will be challenged to reflect objectively on issues such as human rights, war, peace and international security.

Why choose the Graduate School of Public and International Affairs

The School offers the only program in Canada that combines the study of conflict and human rights. Our location in the nation’s capital and the expertise of our researchers and professors, provides you with the opportunity to meet guests and keynote speakers from government and from around the world.

Part of your learning experience

You are offered fantastic experiential learning opportunities through field research courses, international internships, student exchanges and practical projects.

Province Prerequisites Admission averages
Ontario English or Français 4U mid 70s
Quebec – CEGEP English (603) or Français (601) mid 60s
Quebec – Secondary V English or Français 82-84%
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The Graduate School of Public and International Affairs

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4 years120 units
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Honours in Conflict Studies and Human Rights

What to expect

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French immersion

Located in the heart of Ottawa, which is the national capital and an officially bilingual city, the University of Ottawa has been a bilingual institution for more than 150 years. Immersion students have multiple opportunities to learn French in a wonderful cultural context and an innovative learning environment whose efficiency and successfulness has been proven.
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