Each year, the School of Social Work organizes the Social Work Day. Lectures, roundtables, workshops and other activities are organized around a theme determined by an organizing committee made up of students, other members of the school, and the community. The goal of this day is to enhance the student experience outside the classroom, and to create a space for exchange, awareness raising and mobilization concerning the different realities of social work, particularly in French Ontario.

Social Work Day 2024 Theme

(in French only): « La santé mentale au cœur de l’intervention »

Save the date! Wednesday, March 20, 2024, FSS 4007

For the sixteenth consecutive year, the School of Social Work, the Social Work Student Association, and the Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Committee (EDIC) of the School of Social Work, supported by the Faculty of Social Sciences, invite you to participate in the activities organized as part of the University of Ottawa's Social Work Day 2024, with the financial support of the Consortium nationale de formation en santé (CNFS).

All events will be held in French only. The activities will take place face-to-face, and you are welcome to bring your children.

Faced with the many current upheavals and tensions that have continued to affect us in recent years, the theme chosen for Social Work Day 2024 is: « La santé mentale au cœur de l’intervention ». This theme highlights the need to broaden our methods, to adopt and discover new and diversified tools in order to create environments that are more conducive to mental well-being, both for the people involved and for the various members of the community. This will contribute to a more balanced and resilient society.

Spread out over the course of a day, the activities on offer will enable you to enjoy a variety of experiences related to your program of study, while giving you the opportunity to meet the School of Social Work's administrative and teaching staff, practitioners, students enrolled in the various programs offered by the Faculty of Social Sciences, and members of the community. Three activities are open to anyone in the community interested in taking part, and the Magushan - Community Dinner is reserved for students and members of the School of Social Work's administrative and teaching staff.

Events scheduled for Social Work Day 2024

March 20, 2024

All events for Social Work Day will take place in FSS 4007.

*Important notice

During Social Work Day 2024, the University of Ottawa will be taking photos or videos that may subsequently be used by the University for publicity or archival purposes. It is therefore possible that you may be recognized in one of these photos or videos. By participating in these events, you agree to be photographed and filmed, and authorize the University to use the images in print, digital, video or electronic form for publicity or archival purposes.

Before a photo is taken, participants will be notified. You will have the opportunity to let us know if you do not wish to be included in the photo. Participants will also be notified if a video recording is made, giving them time to let us know if you do not wish to appear in the video recording.

8:30 a.m.: Opening of Social Work Day and presentation of School of Social Work scholarships

Invited guests:

  • Victoria Barham, Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences
  • Stéphanie Garneau, Chair of the School of Social Work

Event in French only.

8:45 a.m.: Student symposium

During this event, students currently enrolled in bachelor's, master's and doctoral programs in social work, as well as faculty and administrative staff from the School of Social Work, will come together to exchange and develop their knowledge of various social issues. The event program features oral presentations by students at all levels, chosen through a rigorous selection process by a panel of two faculty members and one member of the community.

Event in French only


  • Yacout El Abboubi (baccalauréat) - Migration internationale irrégularisée de jeunes marocains non accompagnés.
  • Angeline Moshonas (maîtrise) - La santé mentale des enfants et adolescent.e.s autistes en Ontario : implications pour le travail social
  • Bianka Brault (maîtrise) - Le refus scolaire anxieux : Analyse des facteurs écosystémiques sur les jeunes ontariens de 6 à 17 ans
  • Tamara Pierre (maîtrise) - Les nuances de la discrimination : Les expériences des femmes noires de la région d’Ottawa-Gatineau en matière de colorisme
  • Aïcha Ducharme-LeBlanc (maîtrise) - Les intersections entre l’audisme et l’anglonormativité : une réflexion théorique
  • Amir Zuccalà (doctorat anglophone) - I’m going to get a cochlear implant, so peace for myself. Epistemic injustice and deafness
  • Yannick Masse (doctorat francophone) - Excursion dans les activités de consommation d’alcool des jeunes étudiants universitaires à Sherbrooke : construction d’une identité et appartenance au groupe
  • Cassandra Fournier (doctorat francophone) - Entre la rue et le camp de réfugiés : la dérive du monde humanitaire ou la reconfiguration de la protection des mineurs non accompagnés en Grèce

A light snack will be served.

Prizes in the form of scholarships

Attendance prize draw

Event open to the community

Noon: MAGUSHAN - SVS Potluck

In a convivial atmosphere, this activity will enable students, members of the administrative team and faculty of the School of Social Work to share a meal in all simplicity. You'll be able to discuss your academic career, find and talk to the teacher who could be your future master's thesis or doctoral thesis supervisor, etc.

Event in French only

Contribution to the meal is optional (feel free to bring or not a meal to share)

Attendance prize draw

Event open to SVS students, administrative staff and faculty only.

1 p.m.: Living Library: « La santé mentale au cœur de l’intervention »

The Living Library is an activity during which you can consult with practitioners, who will share a variety of winning intervention practices, tools and social work resources. Instead of consulting a book, you'll be consulting a practitioner who's an expert in his or her field! Several practitioners will be on hand for informal discussions and to answer your questions in small groups. Several populations and environments have been targeted, with an emphasis on mental health.

Young people, aboriginals, refugees, homeless people, addicts, people living in poverty, etc. The intervention in nature and creative journaling will also be presented at this event.

Event in French only

Presenters and themes:

  • Marie-Pier Audet (Le CAP): Santé mentale auprès des jeunes et des familles
  • Katy Rankin: Perspectives et outils d'intervention autochtones en santé mentale
  • Monique Gibbens: Santé mentale et personnes aînées
  • Baka Asha Tshimanga: Personnes immigrantes / réfugiées et santé mentale
  • Marlène Doepner (CEPEO): Santé mentale des personnes intervenantes (Journée créatif: outils)
  • Emmanuelle Larocque (Le Centre Mana): Travail écosocial, intervention par le sport et le plein-air et approches intégratives
  • Anne Thibault, Sara Lambert (Clinique interdisciplinaire en droit social): Pauvreté / itinérance et santé mentale (perspective collective / structurelle)
  • Yolène Deschênes: Dépendances, travail social et psychothérapie

A light snack will be served.

Attendance prize draw

Event open to the community

6 p.m.: Docu-discussion on the documentary "Essentiels" and close of the day

This year, in collaboration with the Comité Équité Diversité Inclusion (CÉDI) of the University of Ottawa's School of Social Work, we are screening the documentary "Essentiels". "This investigation reveals the reality of asylum seekers and temporary workers in precarious jobs. These people feed us and take care of us, but struggle to obtain the right to settle here. Why?"

The screening will be followed by a discussion with Sonia Djelidi, from the production team, to address the social intervention issues raised by the documentary.  

Event in French only

A light snack will be served

Attendance prize draw  

Event open to the community