Master’s program

MA in Anthropology

General information and program requirements - Master of Arts Anthropology

Understand the world better in ever-changing social and environmental conditions

Anthropology offers new critical perspectives on the world by highlighting how local and global issues are connected. The discipline’s field research method, ethnography, makes it possible to document in real time a host of complex phenomena pertaining to diverse topics such as medicine, the environment, minorities, media, indigenousness and more. As an Anthropology student, you will live “in the moment” to observe and understand the contemporary issues that emerge during field research taking place anywhere in the world.

Additional information for the MA

  • Guidelines for the preparation of a proposal for an MA thesis in Anthropology
  • Suggested progress - MA in Anthropology
  • Master’s degree completed with ethnographic visuals - MA in Anthropology
  • Option: enroll in the co-op program to gain experience while getting paid

PhD program

PhD in Anthropology

General information and program requirements - Doctorate in Anthropology

Bring new critical perspectives to problems and challenges of the contemporary world by highlighting links between local and global issues

The doctoral program in Anthropology at the University of Ottawa features innovative training that combines a contemporary theoretical approach with the existing experiential ways in which to learn about anthropology such as field work, ethnography, international experience, and multidisciplinary perspectives. The method of inquiry grounded in field work and ethnography allows you as the researcher, to document in real time the complexity of phenomena while situating various themes, including medicine, the environment, new media, the city, politics, the economy and indigeneity in diverse social and cultural contexts. The program curriculum newly includes a professional development seminar and a comprehensive exercise that favours your integration into the labour market.


While this program is offered full-time in French and in English, the three required doctoral seminars are offered only in French.

Additional information for the PhD

  • Make-up of doctoral committees - PhD in Anthropology
  • Comprehensive Exercise
  • PhD thesis (THD 9999)
  • Suggested progress - PhD in Anthropology


Taiwanese indigenous peoples, Photo credit: 總統府 (

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