Master’s program

MA in Sociology

General information and program requirements - Master of Arts Sociology 

The master’s program in sociology is as well-known in academia as in the labour market. At the crossroads of Canadian, French, American and global traditions, and available in both official languages, it offers a wide range of academic specialization and employment possibilities. Many graduates of the program find work in the public sector working on issues that are central to sociology, such as immigration, ethnicity, gender, social movements, identity, aging and the social dynamics of health. The MA program also gives students the opportunity to pursue doctoral studies in sociology as well as in other disciplines, at the University of Ottawa or elsewhere around the world.


New! - Short Duration Master's - MA in Sociology with Coursework option

Specialize in the sociological issues you face at work.

The Sociology program lets you deepen your understanding of issues of public interest, like social inequality, the French-speaking world, immigration or the effects of new technology. You can study an issue of your choice while improving your knowledge of quantitative and qualitative methodologies.

Increase your influence at work.

Few universities combine sociology, data analysis and data sharing in one program. Not only will you have the opportunity to strengthen your critical faculties by interpreting data, but you will develop your creativity by producing innovative communications tools that allow you to effectively present information to key stakeholders, both in the public sector and in community organizations. 

Benefit from over 65 years of engagement and leadership.

The School of Sociological and Anthropological Studies’ approach, both disciplinary and interdisciplinary, makes it stand out as key partner in an environment where the federal government and various community organizations have extensive research requirements.

Basic requirements

  • Successfully complete 24 course credits, including 3 compulsory courses and 5 choice based courses
  • Adding French Immersion adds the possibility of receiving, in addition to the MA in sociology, a certificate attesting to the student's linguistic competence in French as a second language

Why choose the coursework option

  • The course option is a training combining a good knowledge of sociological analysis with the ability to perform one's exercise in professional activities.
  • The coursework option is recommended when the student wants hands-on experience in collaboration with organizations; a program evaluated according to professional type requirements (memo, briefing, team); is aiming for a rapid completion of program requirements.

Expected time-to-completion

  • The requirements of the coursework option, including the Concentration in Sociology Practice, can be completed in 12 months.

Deadline to apply : March 30
Students who want to improve their French can apply for the French immersion option of the one year course-based master's program in applied sociology (deadline to apply French immersion - August 15)

PhD program

PhD in Sociology

General information and program requirements - Doctorate in Philosophy Sociology 

Graduates of the doctoral program in sociology can pursue an academic career or research in a range of fields. The doctoral program at the University of Ottawa offers a unique education, with courses in French and English, professors from diverse backgrounds working on a wide range of topics in the discipline, and an ideal location for studying major contemporary social transformations. Our students conduct research around the world; participate in activities offered by campus research centres and benefit from the many resources available to them, such as teaching and research assistantships, spacious work areas and research funding.


Microprograms in Sociology

Advanced analysis of qualitative and quantitative data

6 credits

Combines the Advanced Quantitative Methodology and Advances Qualitative Methodology courses

The two courses can be taken independently as part of this microprogram or as an intrinsic component of the master’s programs in sociology.

Methodology applied to the professional context

9 credits

For students who need to improve their skills in identifying valid data sources, analyzing social research data and their communication.

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