Duplicate Cheque

From this page, you can download the form that is used to request a duplicate copy of a cheque that was issued on the University's account. The page also includes a set of instructions describing how to complete this form.

Duplicate Cheque It is assumed that the user will print off a copy and complete it by hand. (PDF format, 2003-12-01)


Instructions on How To Complete the Duplicate Cheque Form

  • This form is used by a company or an individual requesting a duplicate copy of a University of Ottawa cheque after they have lost their original. The form must be filled out as directed below and sent to the accounting section of Financial Services.


    The various fields on the form are to be filled out as follows:


I the undersigned

  • Enter your full name.


Domiciled and residing at

  • Enter your full home address.



  • Enter the date of the lost cheque.


Bearing Number

  • Enter the cheque number that appeared on the lost cheque.


In the amount of

  • Enter the total amount of the lost cheque.


This___Day of____20___

  • Enter the current date.



  • Sign the form.


Signature (witness)

  • A witness is required and must sign the form. In general, the administrative officer of the faculty or service acts as witness.


Employee No.

  • Enter your employee number if the lost cheque was issued to you in your capacity as an employee of the University.


Student No.

  • Enter your student number if the lost cheque was issued to you in your capacity as an student of the University.
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