Financial Forms - Monthly Report on Receptions and Business Luncheons

On this page, you can download a copy of the report your faculty or service has to complete each month when it incurs reception and business-meeting expenses. The specific instructions for completing the form are also included.

If technical problems prevent you from opening the spreadsheet directly, you can try a ZIP format work sheet.



How to complete the "Monthly report on receptions and business luncheons"

This report informs the immediate supervisor of reception and business-meeting fees incurred by faculties and services under his or her immediate authority. It also allows one to check the amounts refunded directly to deans, service directors, associate vice-presidents and vice-presidents.

All service directors, deans, associate vice-presidents and vice-presidents who incur reception or business-meeting expenses in their budget or who are reimbursed by the University for receptions or business luncheons must submit a monthly statement of these expenses to their immediate supervisor. The report deadline is 30 days after the end of the month concerned.

In compliance with Policy 60, the report has to be completed according to the procedure set out below.



The following section describes how to complete each field of the form.



  • Enter the month that you're reporting on.


Fiscal year

  • Enter the fiscal year to which the report applies.


Faculty / Service

  • Enter your faculty or service name.


Report submitted to...

  • Enter the name and title of the person to whom the report is going, that is the Associate Vice-President, the Vice-President or the President.


Section A – Reception expenses paid by the faculty or service

  • You have to report all reception expenses in budget units under your authority (operating, research and trust, capital).
  • Describe the event, including its objective and the number of people having attended.
  • Describe the event's target clientele (former students, future employers, etc.).
  • If need be, you can refer to other support documents. Consider the type of reception and the amounts involved to decide on the details you should provide.
  • Use the "Comments" column for other information you consider relevant.
  • Enter the total cost of the event, including net taxes and gratuities paid by the faculty or service.


Section B - Expenses refunded to the person submitting the report

  • This section briefs the immediate supervisor on the reception and business-meeting amounts refunded to the person having submitted the report (that is, dean, service director, associate vice-president and vice-president).
  • Enter the event's objective or purpose, and participants' name.
  • Use the "Comments" column for other information you consider relevant.


Prepared by

  • The chief administrative officer or the administrative officer responsible for the unit's budget control signs the report.


Submitted by

  • The dean, service director, associate vice-president or vice-president responsible for the faculty or service involved in the report must also sign (this person's expenses are the ones listed in section B).


Reviewed by

  • Reviewed by the immediate supervisor, that is, the associate vice-president, the vice-president or the president.
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