Reimbursement Business Expenses

On this page, you can download the form required when requesting a reimbursement for reception and business-meeting expenses. Requesters must complete the form according to Policy 60. The specific instructions for completing the form are also included.

If technical problems prevent you from opening the spreadsheet directly, you can try a ZIP format work sheet.



How to complete the Reception and business-meeting expenses claim form

The form has to be completed according to the procedure below. After, the form goes to either the chief administrative officer or the designated administrative officer for approval (according to Policy 60—Policy on Hospitality, Receptions, Business Meetings and Expenditures Chargeable to University Accounts). Finally, the administrative officer ensures that the request is entered into and processed by the financial system, and that follow-ups are carried out properly.

  • Updated versions of the form: To avoid using an outdated form, always download the latest version before you start entering information.
  • Shaded areas: As a general rule, do NOT enter information in shaded areas.



  • This section details how to complete each part of the form.



  • Enter the name of the person asking for a refund.


Fac. / Serv.

  • Enter your faculty or service name.


Centre (Fund or Orgn)

  • Enter the Banner Fund or Orgn.
  • These codes are automatically added to the accounting section at the bottom of the form.


Type of activity or event

  • Check one of the two boxes: RECEPTION or BUSINESS MEETING.


Event or activity date

  • Enter the date on which the activity took place, in this format : yyyy-mm-dd


Activity location

  • Specify where the event took place.


Number of participants

  • Enter the number of people present.


Reason or purpose of the event

  • In one of the three boxes, briefly describe the reason for or purpose of the reception or business meeting. If you need more space, nclude another page and refer to it in the section concerned.
  • In the right-hand column, enter the total amount (taxes included) claimed.


Amount due

  • Your expense total is calculated automatically and posted in this box.


Participants’ names

  • List the people who attended. If there are more than 10, simply state the target audience for the event (potential employers, students, etc.)


Supporting documents

  • All original supporting documents must be attached to the form. If you’re missing a receipt or an invoice, explain why and describe the expense in question.


Signature - Requester

  • The requester has to sign and date a hard copy of the form.


Signature - Approving authority

  • The immediate supervisor must sign and date the hard copy of the form.
  • Service directors, deans, associate vice-presidents and vice-presidents can call on CAOs or administrative officers for approval; however, all requests must appear on the monthly report on receptions and business meetings.
  • For reimbursements charged against research projects, the principal investigator or his or her official designate (documentation required) must sign the form to confirm the expense’s relevance to the research work funded by the grant or contract concerned.


Accounting section

  • The expense breakdown must be calculated manually so that the taxe can be claimed according to the actual amount paid.
  • Amounts (including gratuities, but excluding taxes) are entered for each type of expense; in addition, the taxes are entered where indicated.



  • Enter the Banner vendor ID.


Invoice number

  • Enter the invoice number. It must be a maximum of 15 alphanumerical characters and be unique to the vendor used.
  • You also have to enter this number in the VENDOR INVOICE field of the Banner FAAINVE form.



  • The form’s version date appears in the bottom-right box.
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