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If you are conducting University of Ottawa business, you can request reimbursement from University-administered funds for authorized, legitimate and reasonable expenses.

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Travel expenses

Regular employees

Regular employees can request reimbursement for travel expenses online using the Concur expense management system.

After you log in, you can consult the following guides to help you submit a request, file an expense report or approve an expense.

User guides


If you are not a regular University of Ottawa employee (e.g., a temporary employee without a contract, a retired employee, a student or a guest), you do not have access to Concur. You must therefore complete one or more forms to request a travel reimbursement. Learn which reimbursement form(s) to use.

For assistance with travel expenses

Your faculty or service contact point can help you with your travel request or travel expense report.

Faculty contact points
Service contact points

For questions, comments or suggestions, or to notify us of changes to contact points, email Financial Operations and Administration.

Other reimbursable expenses

Hospitality expenses

The University of Ottawa extends hospitality to advance our interests, for example, for community and public relations purposes or events recognizing the excellence of University staff and students.

To request reimbursement of hospitality expenses, complete the hospitality fees reimbursement form.

Professional Expense Reimbursement (PER)

Professional Expense Reimbursement (PER) is a benefit available to APUO members administered by Human Resources. As per the APUO collective agreement, members can request a PER when they incur expenses through work or acquire work-related supplies and equipment.

Other payment methods

When you cannot use Concur, you can use other payment methods. To simplify payment and save you from having to use your personal funds or credit, the University offers two types of corporate credit cards.

Central Policy 21 compliance service

Financial Resources offer a service to ensure travel expenses are compliant with Policy 21— Reimbursement to Individuals for University Business Expenses. Some faculties and services have already been using it since its launch in October 2019. Financial Resources will continue to expand this service in the coming months. This change is transparent to travellers.

Implementation of the central compliance service is part of the Expense Reimbursement Improvements project’s second phase, which focuses on ease of use. The first phase, implemented in July 2019, focused on the roll-out of the revised Policy 21. This project falls under the Administrative Processes Modernization Programme.

Objectives and benefits


The central compliance service aims to:

  • Define the accountability, roles and responsibilities of the parties involved
  • Present the new service offered by Financial Resources
  • Confirm the responsibilities of the services affected by this change


By deploying a central compliance service, Financial Resources expects the following benefits:

  • Improved user experience with faster turnaround times and access to claims specialists
  • Better use of resources, allowing faculties and departments to focus on other administrative tasks
  • Better use of the Concur expense management system
  • Greater data transparency for reporting purposes
Affected faculties and services

Financial Resources ensure travel expenses are compliant with Policy 21 for the following faculties and services:

  • Faculty of Arts
  • Faculty of Health Sciences
  • Faculty of Social Sciences
  • Faculty of Law - Civil Law
  • Faculty of Law - Common Law
  • Library
  • Vice-President, Finance and Administration and all related services
  • Vice-President, Academic Affairs and all related services
  • Vice-President, Research

There are plans to expand this central service to other faculties and services in the coming months.

Service delivery

Stakeholders’ roles and responsibilities in the central service

Travel compliance

Travel compliance tasks Responsible sector

Travel expense compliance review

Financial Resources

Minor change to the reimbursement request

Financial Resources

Major change to the reimbursement request (increasing amount)

Faculties and services

Banner approval


Budget approval

Faculties and services

Cash advance follow-ups

Faculties and services

Travel card (TCard) and purchasing card (PCard)

Faculties and services

Employee training

Employee training tasks Responsible sector

Annual information session

Financial Resources


Financial Resources

Orientation on new features

Financial Resources

Individual coaching

Faculties and services

Daily monitoring of issues related to the Concur expense management system and Policy 21

Faculties and services

The workflow for reimbursement of individuals for University-related travel expenses has changed. For example, when travellers submit an expense report or travel advance, the Financial Operations and Administration section at Financial Resources confirms their compliance with the policy, not the compliance officer in their faculty or service, as in the past.

User system role

Since 2015, the responsibility of ensuring the compliance of travel expenses fell to faculties and service employees with a Concur expense management system compliance officer role.

With the compliance service, employees with a system compliance officer user role of affected faculties and services can only view their sector’s travellers’ expenses. They cannot make changes to expense reports in Concur as in was the case before.

The compliance service is offered by Financial Services for affected faculties and services.

Paper travel reimbursement forms submission
  • Regular employees can continue to request reimbursement for travel expenses online using the Concur expense management system.
  • Travellers who are not regular University of Ottawa employees (e.g., temporary employees without a contract, retired employees, students or guests) do not have access to Concur. They must therefore complete one or more forms to request a travel reimbursement. Learn which reimbursement form(s) to use.

The Financial Operations and Administration section accepts paper forms (if signed by the fund manager or immediate supervisor) and supporting receipts for review. They can be submitted through one of the following methods: 

  • In person: Financial Resources, Tabaret Hall (TBT W032, inside TBT W021)
  • Email: — attach a digital copy of the paper form and receipts
  • Internal mail: To the attention of Financial Operations and Administration, TBT W032

If a paper form (and therefore, the Banner invoice) needs to be modified, our compliance team will inform the Banner approver, the fund manager and the immediate supervisor by email. The faculty or service must inform the traveller of any changes.

On approving the paper travel reimbursement form, the faculty or service will receive an email to confirm the compliance of the claim. If the paper form and receipts have been delivered to the Financial Operations and Administration office, they will be sent back by internal mail to the Banner approver.

For more information

If you have any questions or comments about the central compliance service, send an email to the Expense Reimbursement Team.


Login and technical help


(uOttawa Outlook username and password required)

For information regarding your faculty or service’s reimbursement processes, see the list of contact points in the “Travel expenses” section.

Technical questions? Concur: 1-866-793-4040 (available 24/7)

Related project

Expense Reimbursement Improvements

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The project aims to review, simplify and standardize uOttawa regulations related to reimbursements and the Concur expense management system workflow, as well as to improve the user experience by providing access to a centre of expertise, information sessions, and tools.

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