The Office of the Vice-President, Research and Innovation (OVPRI) conducts a mid-term evaluation of Canada Research Chairs (CRC Tier 1 & 2) during their first mandate to offer guidance and suggestions for improvement, if warranted, to all Chairholders.


The review aims to provide CRC holders with constructive feedback on their research performance thus far, and to offer guidance and suggestions for improvement, if warranted, before the formal renewal process begins. 

The assessment will focus on the following criteria:

  • Publications;
  • External funding;
  • Training of highly qualified personnel; and
  • Impact of research activities. 
  • Equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) philosophy and practices since the beginning of the CRC and planned actions towards EDI for the remainder of the term.

This review is conducted subsequent to the submission to the Chairs Secretariat of the Chairholder’s third annual report – in the case of a Tier 2 CRC – or fourth annual report – in the case of a Tier 1 CRC.

For the University’s mid-term review process, the following documents are consulted:

  • A copy of the researcher’s up-to-date OCGS CV (PDF, 131 KB) (please include any personal circumstances and/or career interruptions such as parental or sick leaves that may have impacted your research trajectory. These will be taken into consideration in the selection process);
  • All CRC Annual Reports submitted to the CRC Program for the current term; and
  • Any comprehensive activity reports or other kinds of documentation deemed useful.

Given that CRC Annual Reports are due no later than June 30th each year, the mid-term-review process will always begin July 2nd of the review year. A reminder about this mid-term review will be sent to all Chairholders in the spring of their mid‑term mandate year.

Chaired by the Vice-President, Research and Innovation, an internal committee conducts this review and provides its assessment in written format to the researcher and the Chairholder’s Dean.