Public governance series - Professional development

One of the axes of the knowledge mobilization plan of the Center on Governance (CoG) targets professional development.

As a research centre, it is our responsibility to support organizations in the public, private and non-profit sectors in the search for innovative approaches to governance. To do this, the CoG collaborates with the Professional Development Institute to improve the offer of courses in the field of governance and public administration. The Public Governance Series is developed by the Professional Development Institute of the University of Ottawa in collaboration with the Center on Governance to support the professional development of employees in the public and parapublic sector in Canada and across the world. By mixing university research and professional development, we wish to design a space for exchanges between academics and public administration professionals in order to create a vehicle for the mobilization of academic knowledge. This series supports the strategic research axes of the Faculty of Social Sciences and in particular the Governance, Politics and Open Societies axis.

The following courses are currently offered:

These courses may also be credited as part of the offer of certain micro-programs in graduate studies in public administration offered by the School of Political Studies.

Developer and Scientific Director of the series: Professor Eric Champagne