Fourth-year social science students with an average of at least B+ will be able to participate in an applied research internship on the research themes addressed by CIRCEM. These include: public management, public policy, and governance.

Directed research course

This research internship is led by a professional from a public, private or non-profit organization. Internships are offered French.

The qualified student will be paired with an experienced professional who will set the objectives of the project with the student and meet with him/her regularly to supervise the internship during the semester. The equivalent of one regular course (3 credits) will be granted to students who successfully meet the objectives. The CIRCEM’s directed research course is offered by the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Ottawa and managed by the Centre and its team with the support of the Office of the Vice-Dean of Undergraduate Studies. Students who are accepted into the program must register for course FSS 4550 (French).

The main objective of the program is to provide top-performing fourth-year students with hands-on professional research experience in the areas most relevant to the CIRCEM.

The number of participating students will depend on the availability of research opportunities offered by the host organizations. As a general rule, work on the research project will be done off-site, through telework, and will not be paid.

Host organizations will contact or meet with students on a regular basis to establish the objectives of the placement and the work report to be submitted for the completion of the placement. In order to obtain course credits, students will be expected to meet the objectives set for the internship. The supervisor will evaluate the internship and the research report submitted by the student. The final evaluation will be determined by the CIRCEM directorate responsible for validating the student’s final grade based on the supervisor’s evaluation, and the internship report submitted to the centre. The final grade will follow the official alphanumeric evaluation scale of the University of Ottawa.