We work to transfer the discoveries developed at universities and research centres to companies that can turned them into products and services. This is called technology transfer.


Technology transfer brings inventions from the lab to the market. Technology transfer professionals work to protect discoveries and create partnerships to help discoveries become new products.

There are many steps involved in this process. Some ideas make it, and some don’t. Our office can guide you. Sometimes an idea is transferred to an existing company and sometimes it inspires a brand-new company.

The commercialization process can be different depending on the organization or even the type of discovery. We can help you understand the process and requirements for your specific institution and guide you on a customized commercialization path.

One thing for sure, there is undeniable benefits of commercializing your research for you as well as for our university, so let’s work together to create real impact!

Potential Benefits of Commercializing Your Research

  • Practical application of your research in developing products, fostering the broadest recognition of your research efforts.
  • Collaboration with industrial partners, possibly leading to financial sponsorship of additional research.
  • Collaboration with industrial partners, possibly funding your students and providing them with invaluable experience and potential career paths.
  • Potential monetary compensation in the form of equity, licence fees or royalty payments.

Benefits of Commercializing Research for the University

  • Ensuring public benefit from our research.
  • Enhancing our research environment.
  • Developing lasting industry relationships.
  • Generating revenue for the University.
  • Meeting the University’s intellectual property obligations to research sponsors.

Policy 29: Commercialization of Research-Derived Intellectual Property

Policy 29: Commercialization of Research-Derived Intellectual Property