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We do not accept samples with enriched 14C (often used as a tracer). Any contamination of any amount of enriched 14C ("hot") material may cause thousands of dollars in clean-up and other costs. If you submit "hot" samples to this lab, you may be liable.

User Guide:

How to Request a Quote (PDF-100KB)

Media codes

A list is found in the Excel submission form for your reference.
Reminder: only 1 media code per submission!


  • Ship samples after requesting services.
  • Only 1 media code per submission file!
  • All sample ID’s must be unique.
  • We strongly recommend adding duplicates; we give you up to 10% at no extra charge.
  • The number of samples in the "Sample ID" column should reflect the number of samples to be analyzed (do not include extra vials in this list).
  • Keep sample ID’s simple & short. The maximum allowable is 10 characters, but shorter is better, especially for our label printouts.

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Canada customs invoice

  • Mandatory for all international shipments
  • We have completed boxes 4, 9, 12, 15 & 17 of the form for you. Please complete boxes 1, 2 & 11 at a minimum.
  • Be sure to specify the number and type of sample you are sending in Box 12; for example rock powders (sulphides, sulphates, carbonates, etc), waters (saline or fresh, etc) or dried organic matter (plants, sediments, insects, etc.). Do not include words that might cause problems - for example: isotopes, contaminated, radioactive, fresh biological material, soils, etc.
  • Canada customs invoice form (PDF, 42KB)

Service terms and conditions