The Institute for Science, Society and Policy is a cross-faculty Institute at the University of Ottawa exploring the links between science, society and policy.

About the ISSP

Our collective expertise spans three areas: science for policy (also known as evidence-based decision making); policy for science; and, governance of emerging technologies. We address issues from the funding of the S&T enterprise, through its regulatory oversight to its social implications.

Our mandate

The ISSP’s mandate is to foster rigorous decision-making in uncertain, disruptive times on complex problems at the interface of science, society and policy. By strengthening links between these three spheres, the ISSP’s work improves the governance of science, technology, and innovation.

Our research themes

Key themes in the Institute’s research, outreach and teaching include science for policy (evidence-based decision-making), policies for science/technology/innovation, and the governance of emerging and disruptive technologies.

Our value proposition

The Institute’s value proposition lies in its members’ cutting-edge multidisciplinary research and engagement; members’ thought leadership; its bilingualism and strategic location in the nation’s capital; and its reputation as a trusted convener and solution seeker on complex contentious issues.

The Director

Monica Gattinger (2015 - present)

Monica Gattinger is Director of the Institute for Science, Society and Policy, Full Professor at the School of Political Studies and Founder/Chair of Positive Energy at the University of Ottawa.

Dr. Gattinger is an award-winning researcher and highly sought-after speaker, strategic adviser and media commentator in the energy and arts/cultural policy sectors. Her innovative research programme convenes business, government, Indigenous, civil society and academic leaders to address complex policy, regulatory and governance challenges. Gattinger is Fellow at the Canadian Global Affairs Institute, board member of the Clean Resource Innovation Network, and serves on advisory committees for the National Research Council Canada, the Nuclear Waste Management Organization, the Ontario Energy Board, the Ottawa Science Policy Network, the University of Calgary and Women in Nuclear Canada. She Chairs the Council of Canadian Academies’ expert panel on International Science and Technology Partnerships and is a member of the Government of Ontario’s Electrification and Energy Transition Panel. Monica is a columnist for JWN Energy’s Daily Oil Bulletin and she received the 2020 Clean50 Award for her thought leadership in the energy sector. She holds a PhD in public policy from Carleton University.

Monica Gattinger

Interdisciplinary Engagement, Capacity and Research

The ISSP’s research programme focusses on the interface of science, society and policy, and addresses the Institute’s key themes of science for policy (evidence-informed decision-making), policy for science (science, technology and innovation policies) and governance of emerging technologies.

We address pressing public-policy challenges and engage senior practitioner perspectives in all of our research projects. We convene diverse disciplinary perspectives and foster robust partnerships between academia, government, industry, the science community, NGOs and Indigenous representatives.

Contact us

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