We live in a world where everything from the molecular make-up of the cell to the climate system of the planet to the way humans interact with each other has been altered by humans via innovation. The extent of the impacts of innovation on the physical and societal environment begs for a framework to guide the development and use of future innovations.


The activities of this cluster build on the extensive progress made within the responsible innovation framework—one which calls for including a diversity of human values, preferences and needs into decisions about innovations, preferably as they are first being developed.

They also account for the dynamic changes in which innovation occurs these days – the convergence of technological, organizational, social and institutional innovation, the opportunities for social inclusion and exclusion offered by innovations based on progress in digitization and behavioural sciences, and the increasing expectations global citizens have towards innovations that affect their lives and the planet.

The research lead

The Inclusive Innovation cluster is headed by Sandra Schillo, Core Member of the ISSP and Associate Professor at The Telfer School of Management.

Sandra Schillo

The projects