Members of CAMaR have access to cutting-edge technology and laboratory facilities. Researchers are request to agree and sign up this form prior to become a member of the Centre.

CAMaR terms and conditions

  • Reduced pricing for all Centre services.
  • Periodic billing rather than after each facility access
  • Highlights of their publications, awards and other kudos in the CAMaR website
  • Opportunities to organize activities on behalf of CAMaR, and obtain some support for such activities

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For some infrastructure access needs to be arranged with the lab manager and charges are sometimes on a monthly basis. This includes fume hoods and glove boxes. Access to these will also include an “exit fee” once the infrastructure is no longer needed. This fee will ensure that subsequent users will find the instrumentation in excellent operating condition.

Heavy users of the CAMaR facilities can choose to pay an annual fee of $6000 for usage of up to 6 different techniques. There may be caps on the usage allowed under this annual fee. These fees are estimated on the basis that subscribers will be able to obtain around $9000 of services for the annual fee of $6000.
User fees do not include sample holders, special accessories and consumables. 

Members paying the annual fee in either CAMaR or the Photonics Centre will be able to receive some courtesy services from the other Centre. Details of these arrangements and possible courtesy cap are still pending. Users of these courtesy services should talk with the Centre Directors as this will help us establish fair usage rules for the future.

The fee structure is based on an honor system in which each user is expected to:

  • Respect their bookings and anticipate fees to be charged for time booked and not used. We understand that sometimes samples are not ready when planned and last minute cancellations may be necessary. In some cases fees may be waived when booked instruments are not used, but this should be regarded as an exception.
  • Users are expected to complete log books with the details (including time) of instrument usage.
  • Users are expected to report on any problems using instruments or of any breakdown that may occur during usage.
  • Usage of the log book for each instrument is mandatory and will be used for billing purposes. Failure to enter usage in the log book, or under-reporting usage can lead to cancellation of usage privileges and lab access.
  • CAMaR members are requested to include CAMaR as an affiliation when their reports include a major component of work performed using CAMaR facilities. When the use of facilities is a minor component in a published work, please include access to CAMaR facilities in your acknowledgements.
  • CAMaR members are expected to participate as much as their schedules permit in activities such as workshops, poster sessions and other CAMaR activities
  • CAMaR members are expected to share their expertise and assist with training when they have CAMaR equipment under their supervision.
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