This dedicated SEM system is a Zeiss Gemini 500 column using a Schottky thermal field emitter filament for imaging between 0.1 and 30 kV for sub-nanometer resolution imaging. The system can also vary the pressure within the sample chamber to mitigate for charging of non-conductive samples.

Images can be taken with the following detectors or combinations thereof, all to achieve optimal imaging of a wide array of samples with high contrast and minimal sample damage.

Our tool is equipped with the following detectors:

  • 4-Channel Backscatter electron detector (BSD): Provides compositional contrast imaging and topographical imaging. Often used for failure analysis of metals.
  • Inlens SE: For topography. Great for low voltage imaging, minimally invasive.
  • Secondary electron detector (SE2): For topography imaging at higher voltages
  • Bruker EDS: X-ray detector for spot identification of the composite materials of a sample
Image of the GeminiSEM 500