Laurell Spin Processor - WS-650-23


Programming and using the tool is relatively easy, but using the tool to produce reliable and repeatable results can be challenging. Spinning photoresist is typically the first process and tool to learn in nanofabrication.

  • Rating: 3/10
  • Training time required: 2-5 hours


  • New users must know the physical characteristics of the devices they plan to fabricate (please refer to Section 2: Tool Equipment and Training in the NanoFab Lab Protocols and Safety Manual - PDF version, 1,082 KB)
  • Bruker Dektak profilometer
  • Photolithography and E-beam lithography knowledge
  • Organic polymer chemistry knowledge
  • Good observational and note-taking skills. Environmental conditions can play a major role in repeatability

Download the Laurell Spin Processor Brochure (PDF version, 122 KB)

Image of a spin processor in a fume hood