Ultrasonic Cleaner – 112xx Series


Fisher brand 112xx Series Advanced Ultrasonic Cleaners are more powerful than conventional cleaners. They feature a wide range of adjustable parameters for lab applications, including cleaning, mixing, and degassing. Dual frequency capability allows for safe, quiet cleaning and mixing of sensitive samples.

  • Dual frequency: 37/80kHz
  • Use high frequency (80kHz) for longer cleaning of sensitive items
  • Low volume even at high frequency
  • Simple-to-use interface and easy-to-read display
  • Rear drain with a convenient side valve for ease-of-use
  • Power control used in power regulation for special cleaning and laboratory applications
  • Pause option allows you to stop the cleaning
  • Auto start functionality starts cleaning when a programmed temperature is reached
  • Safety feature shuts down the machine after 12 hours of continuous operation

Choose the exact cleaning mode for your needs:

  • Normal: ideal for sample preparation
  • Pulse: activates additional power for increased peak performance
  • Sweep: uniform distribution of power throughout the tank
  • Degas: efficient degassing of samples and HPLC solvents
Image of an ultrasonic cleaner