Internal and external clients can hire one of our qualified lab technologists to complete lab work on their behalf at an hourly rate. We offer fee-for-service on all of our tools.

Please send an email to the NanoFab Administrative Assistant with the following details:

  • Name
  • Company / Organization
  • Please provide:
    • a short description of the work you would like to complete
    • the timeframe for when you are looking to complete your work
    • the maximum amount of time you are willing to invest in the project
  • Please attach a PDF to your email with more information if necessary

Price List

Through the purchase of a membership, internal or external clients can obtain unlimited access to the NanoFab facilities and equipment within our three labs including tool training provided by a lab technologist.

Minimum charge of 1 hour or 1 run.

Internal (uOttawa)

  • A quote will be provided prior to beginning the work. A FOAP is required for payment of the final invoice via journal entry.

External – Academic and Non-Academic

  • A quote will be provided prior to beginning the work. Payment of the final invoice can be made via cheque or wire transfer.



Description of Service
(all services include technologist time)

Cost/Unit (CDN)


SEM imaging
Raith Pioneer or GeminiSEM 500



E-beam lithography
Raith Pioneer

To be negotiated


Chambered sample processing
ex. Etching, Rapid Thermal Annealing System
Includes process gases



Metal deposition
Angstrom Nexdep Evaporator
Includes common metals (precious metals - $1.30/nm)



Wet processing
ex. Glovebox, Electroplating System

Includes common consumables



Metrology work
ex. AFM, Elipsometer, Metricon, Profilometer



Photolithography work
ex. Mask Aligner



Post-processing and sample preparation
ex. Wire bonding, Solder reflow, Sputtering
Includes common metals (precious metals - $1.30/nm)



ORION NanoFab inspection / microscopy



ORION NanoFab processing

To be negotiated

Image of the exterior of ARC created with a helium ion beam

Orion NanoFab HIM/FIB

Image taken via AFM

Atomic Force Microscope (AFM)

Image of a tri-layer photolithography stack with a flake broken off revealing its thickness

Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM)