The University of Ottawa’s Positive Energy program uses the convening power of the university to bring together academic researchers and senior decision-makers from industry, government, Indigenous communities, local communities and environmental organizations to determine how to strengthen public confidence in energy decision-making.

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Public Opinion Survey
PE_OMNI Survey_03-2024
Public Opinion Survey

A majority of Canadians believe in the importance of oil and gas to Canada's cu…

The research gauged the opinions among Canadians on oil and gas, more particularly how important they are to Canada’s current and future economy as we…
Research Publication
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Research Publication

Energy Projects and Net Zero by 2050: Can we build enough fast enough

A White Paper published as part of Positive Energy’s latest research project
Public Opinion Survey
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Public Opinion Survey

Canadians aware of Canada's net-zero targets and agree that the environment sho…

The research asked Canadians about their understanding of Canada's net zero targets, and gauged opinions on the country's climate policy and prioritie…

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Daily Oil Bulletin
Image of the public opinion survey of Fall 2023
Daily Oil Bulletin

Increased number of Canadians see oil and gaz as important to economy: survey

An article by the Daily Oil Bulletin discussing the results of the Fall 2023 Public Opinion by Positive Energy and Nik Nanos.
CTV News
Nik Nanos on CTV News.
CTV News

Developing a vision for Canada's Energy Future

Nik Nanos on CTV News discussing the results of the Fall 2023 Public Opinion Survey Results with Positive Energy.
Daily Oil Bulletin
A green back ground with the words 'Net Zero Emissions' overlayed and a icon map representing different players in the energy sector.
Daily Oil Bulletin

Gattinger Part 4 — Federal-Provincial Relations Over Energy And Climate: Moving…

The final piece in a four-part series by Monica Gattinger in the Daily Oil Bulletin analyzes key pieces of Ottawa's energy and climate agenda.

Events & Engagements

Jun 15

A More Complete Roadmap: Overcoming Obstacles on Canada's Net Zero Journey

On Wednesday, June 15th 2022, from 8:30AM to 5PM, the ISSP and Positive Energy hosted a conference featuring a variety of speakers and industry repres…

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Mar 28

Monica Gattinger presents to Canada's Energy and Utility Regulators (CAMPUT)

The panel explored the importance of meaningful engagement in energy project regulation. The panel addressed the following questions:
How important i…

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Mar 1

Canada’s Energy Future in an Age of Climate Change - Positive Energy Report Launch - March 2019

Positive Energy was delighted to launch its latest report Canada’s Energy Future in an Age of Climate Change: How Partisanship, Polarization and Paroc…

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