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Student support

To supplement your progress in a second language, the University offers conversation workshops, a writing help centre and a language resource centre, all of it free of charge!

Language resources on campus

Conversation workshops

Your English is rusty and you feel embarrassed to talk? Enrol in a conversation workshop.

  • Offered daily for all speaking levels: beginner, medium and advanced
  • Small groups are led by student Language Mentors
  • A guided conversation about general topics in an informal setting with other students
  • Last 60 minutes
  • Free

Writing help centre

The Academic Writing Help Centre is useful for those who want to improve their writing skills in either English or French. Writing advisors guide you from the first draft through to the final version of your assignments.

Second language resource centre

The Julien-Couture Resource Centre is a library oriented towards second language skills with free access to resources. Students can consult resources to improve their proficiency in English.

Language courses

Students can register to English as a Second Language courses to improve their skills. These courses are offered at every level.

Don’t forget that students may write assignments and exams in French or English in nearly any course, except in language courses and a few exceptions.

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