It is important that you report to your supervisor (or appropriate University representative) any injury, incident or near miss, so that the University can take proper action to prevent such incidents from happening again in the future.


Accident reporting while on a student placement

Report an accident or illness that occurred during your placement hours.
Report an accident

Reporting an incident for University employees

Situations should be reported immediately to your direct (or acting) supervisor and can be done either verbally or in writing.

The University of Ottawa is responsible for providing first aid. Seek further medical care (campus clinic, hospital, family doctor, medical specialists, etc.) if you require additional treatment.

Emergencies should be reported to Protection Services at ext. 5411. Maintain security of the incident scene until otherwise instructed by university officials. This may include restricting access to, or use of, an area or equipment. The purpose is to ensure that all aspects of the incident can be considered as soon as, and as close to, reasonably possible.

Formally declare the injury, illness, hazard or concern to your supervisor and the University using the uOttawa accident/incident reporting form. An investigation will be conducted and associated records maintained.

Situations involving medical care or lost time from work must be reported by the University of Ottawa to the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB). Similarly, the university must report critical injuries and occupational illnesses to the Ministry of Labour. There are strict timelines to submit such reports.

Situations may also require notification to other external regulatory agencies, insurers, etc.

All parties must work together to:

  • help a worker return to work safely and at the appropriate time
  • safely restore the scene to pre-incident state
  • identify the cause of the situation and implement corrective action
  • fulfil organizational responsibilities

Refer to the Injury, Illness and Incident reporting procedure (PDF) for additional information.

Completing an online incident form

The Accident, Incident, Occupational Illness or Near Miss report is used to declare work-related accidents, illnesses and incidents. The information submitted is used by:

  • Supervisors and managers to follow-up and take corrective action to prevent future incidents from occurring;
  • Health and Wellness sector at Human Resources to complete form(s) for the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) (where required);
  • Office of Risk Management to manage institutional occupational health and safety data and regulatory reporting to the Ministry of Labour, Training and Skills Development (where required).