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uOInternational Dialogues and Insights

uOInternational Dialogues and Insights conferences are gatherings of outstanding diplomats, thinkers and speakers from all walks of life who are eager to share their expertise and thoughts on thorny topics of relevance to the academic community such as climate change, global geopolitics, international health, sustainability and urban planning, and sustainable mobility.

This lecture series serves as a bridge to the international arena and is intended to provide a space for discussion and exchange in the spirit of experiential knowledge transfer in order to generate innovative and realistic thinking that will enable participants to rethink the world and build the future. The international conferences presented by renowned experts will contribute to the enrichment of the knowledge of professors and students of all levels of study, while increasing the visibility of the University of Ottawa. In addition, these conferences provide opportunities for information exchange and the creation of new collaborations. 

Organized under the leadership of the Office of the Vice-President, International and Francophonie in collaboration with the faculties according to the topic, the uOInternational Dialogues and Insights conferences are intended for students and professors of the University of Ottawa.

Past events

South Africa
Poster of the conference with South Africa
South Africa
Nov 10

uOInternational Dialogues and Insights - South Africa

First conference with H.E Mr. Rieaz Shaik, High Commissioner of the Republic of South Africa to Canada.
Poster of the conference with China
Nov 28

uOInternational Dialogues and Insights - China

Second conference with H.E Mr. Cong Peiwu, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the People's Republic of China to Canada.
United States
Poster of the conference with the United States
United States
Mar 7

uOInternational Dialogues and Insights - United States

Third conference with H.E. David L. Cohen, Ambassador of the United States to Canada.
Ambassadeurs Francophones
Poster of the conference with the Francophone Ambassadors Group
Ambassadeurs Francophones
Mar 22

uOInternational Dialogues and Insights - Groupe des Ambassadeurs Francophones

Fourth conference with the Groupe des Ambassadeurs Francophones.
Nurjehan Mawani
Poster of the conference with Nurjehan Mawani
Nurjehan Mawani
Feb 20

uOInternational Dialogues and Insights - Nurjehan Mawani

Fifth conference with Dr. Nurjehan Mawani, Senior Fellow and Inaugural Chair in Global Engagement at Massey College.
International and Francophonie
Groupe des Ambassadeurs Francophones d'Ottawa
International and Francophonie

The Francophonie of the future must be a primary tool for cooperation

During the pandemic, new borders were created, nationalism emerged and a digital culture was established that was useful but threatening to those who …
International and Francophonie
Jacques Frémont, David L. Cohen and Sanni Yaya
International and Francophonie

The future of Canada-U.S. leadership on the roadmap of a renewed partnership

As Ottawa is getting prepared for President Joe Biden’s first visit in-person later this month, U.S. Ambassador David L. Cohen met with the university…

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