At the Canadian Centre for Studies and Research on Bilingualism and Language Planning (CCERBAL), our researchers cross disciplinary boundaries, innovate, and support multilateral exchanges and partnerships. Our activities are rich and inspiring. Our various stakeholders contribute to and benefit from our projects.


The CCERBAL is the research centre of the Official Languages and Bilingualism Institute (OLBI). We develop and disseminate knowledge, nationally and internationally, in the following research areas:

  • language teaching and learning, assessment, and technology;
  • linguistic and educational aspects of societal and individual bilingualism and pluri/multilingualism;
  • language planning and policy, including family language policy.

The CCERBAL promotes innovation and excellence in research through research chairs, research groups, an academic journal, conferences, symposia, special events, partnerships, and multiple other activities.

We are community-builders and internationally recognized experts, prime consultants in dealing with issues related to language planning and social cohesion. We work with Canadian and international universities, all levels of government agencies, and nongovernmental organizations with interests and responsibilities in bilingualism, official languages, and pluri/multilingualism.

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High-impact events

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Bilingualism and Multilingualism: Transversal Competences, Mobility, and Well-Being

The focus of the CCERBAL 2023 Conference will be on conceptual, empirical, and practice-based contributions on language pedagogy, technology, assessment, language policy, family language policy, and beyond.
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Research chairs

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Research groups

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CCERBAL provides a platform for exchanges among University of Ottawa researchers and national or international guest speakers in a wide range of domains, including language teaching and learning, assessment, technology, language policy, family language policy, and beyond.

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Flagship projects

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Linguistic Risk-Taking Initiative

A linguistic risk is an authentic, every-day communication task that some language learners may shy away from and may need special encouragement to engage in. The Linguistic Risk-Taking Initiative is designed for French or English as target languages. However, in many cases you can extend its use to other languages that you may be learning.
Boost your confidence in your second or additional language!

Research groups

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OLBI Journal

Peer-reviewed proceedings and thematic issues.
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Research forums

The aim of the forums is to provide a platform for an exchange between the University of Ottawa's researchers and the guest international and national speakers in the domains of second language teaching and language policy.
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