How to stay active on campus

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A is for Aquatics, Z is for Zumba. We’ve got all that and everything in between. Staying active is a great way to boost your focus in the classroom. Make the most of your student experience by using our state-of-the-art facilities.

Hit the gym

The Health and Lifestyle Centre, located in the Minto Sports Complex, and the Montpetit fitness centre are ready for you! If you want to work out in a gym environment, these fitness centres have got you covered! Note: Access to the fitness centres is included in your student fees — all you need to get into the gyms is your student card. Lockers are also available for rent at the Montpetit fitness centre! See the fitness centre hours of operation.

Try intramurals

Intramural league registration closes January 9, 2024! Sign up with your friends or as an individual for one of our many leagues. Check out the full list of intramurals and register for intramurals today! They’re a great way to play sports, have fun and meet new people. 

Drop in on a fitness class

If group fitness is more your jam, join us in person for a fitness class. Be sure to save our fitness class schedule to your favourites to stay up to date on your choices.  No registration required — just see you there! 

Try a drop-in sport

Soccer, basketball, pickleball and so much more. Drop in on one of many sport sessions on campus — no cost and no registration required. Check out the drop-in sports schedule

Register for a dance, martial arts or weightlifting class

We have a number of classes available now for an extra fee. Sign up for a weekly or twice-weekly yoga, martial arts, dance or weightlifting class — the list goes on. These classes are a great way to  make sure fitness is a part of your weekly routine.  

There are many other ways to practise fitness on campus, so do what moves you!  Browse the full offering of Gee-Gees recreation and fitness activities.  And follow the Gee-Gees rec Instagram account to stay up to date on all things rec at uOttawa!