Coverage for your family: Dependants

If your family members are moving with you to Canada and are eligible dependants, you must enrol them in the University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP) within 30 days after the date they became eligible for UHIP. UHIP is mandatory for all dependants (spouse and children).

Enrolment of dependants

To enrol your dependants in UHIP, you must:  

  • Scan and email a copy of your dependants’ following passport pages to uOInternational: 

    • Information page: name, gender and date of birth 

    • Page with entry stamp to Canada  

  • Once we confirm they’ve been added, a fee will be generated on your student account. See our methods of payment.  

Late enrolment

If you enrol your dependants more than 30 days after the date that they became eligible for UHIP (usually the date they arrive in Canada), you’ll be billed a late enrolment fee. This fee is currently 500 CAD. You’ll also be charged the premiums for your eligible dependants retroactive to the applicable date as listed below: 

  • If you’re a student: the first day of the month in which your study period began. 

  • The date you and your dependants arrived in Canada and became eligible for UHIP. 

  • If you are employed by the University: the date your employment began. 


Premiums for dependants are the same as those for students (UHIP members). If a student has coverage under the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) or another provincial or territorial health insurance plan but the dependants are not covered under that plan, the premiums for mandatory coverage for the dependants are the same, as indicated in the paragraph above. 

Premiums for dependants are calculated as shown below: 

These are the rates for September 1, 2022, to August 31, 2023: 

Start date for your courses 


Member plus one Dependant 

Member plus two or more Dependants 

September 2022




January 2023




May 2023




Note: These figures are in Canadian dollars and include taxes.

UHIP premiums for dependants in subsequent years will be billed annually at the rate in effect and will appear on your statement. Premiums are calculated up to and including the last day of term during which your coverage ends (December 31 for fall, April 30 for winter, August 31 for spring–summer). 

The annual premium covers all three terms. You can’t remove coverage for a term or part of a term.  

Dependants are eligible only if the student has participated in the UHIP program within the last five years.  

End date of dependants’ UHIP coverage

Coverage for dependants ends on the same day the student’s coverage ends, even if a dependant leaves Canada prior to this date. 

Dependants’ UHIP coverage ends on the last day of the last month of the student’s final term. Dependants must have private insurance coverage that begins once UHIP coverage ends. 

Note: Neither students nor dependants will receive notice that coverage is ending. 

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