Kicking off the new school year with exciting new educational offerings

Faculty of Medicine
Faculty of Medicine

By Sébastien Chevrier

Advisor, Communications and Marketing, Faculty of Medicine

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Faculty of Medicine Welcome Orientation For New Learners 2023
At the Faculty of Medicine, the start of a new school year is an opportunity to meet new people, reunite with peers, and discover a range of new educational programs.
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As our community returns from the summer break, there is excitement at the University of Ottawa’s Faculty of Medicine. Our undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate learners are driven by a passion for learning and discovery aimed at providing the best medical care to the communities we serve, while faculty members and staff are focused on world class teaching and research.

This year, the beginning of the school year coincides with exciting developments in education at the Faculty, as students will have new opportunities to learn about the latest in technological progress, innovative medical treatments, and public health policy. As a world leader in health innovation, the Faculty of Medicine is offering new educational programs such as:

Master of Public Health: an exit qualification for public health professional training that qualifies graduates to seek positions across municipal, provincial, and federal public health settings within Canada and at the international level.

Doctor of Pharmacy (offered in French): an innovative new curriculum offered at the Faculty’s new School of Pharmaceutical Sciences in Canada’s first and largest bilingual university, with internships in Francophone minority settings.

Master of Applied Science (Anatomical Sciences Education): this program focuses on anatomy education and modern medical education principles, incorporating a modern human anatomy laboratory while providing innovative and bilingual educational experiences.

Master of Education (Enseignement en santé): offered in collaboration with the Faculty of Education in French, this program is for students who wish to deepen their knowledge in education with the goal of practising in clinical and academic settings.*

New microprograms are also being offered:

Biomanufacturing: includes 6 course credits and is oriented towards mastering professional skills in biomanufacturing.

Simulation of Health Education: establishes the theoretical and practical aspects of simulation in health education, allowing for a deeper knowledge in the field while strengthening leadership.

Introduction to Health Education: establishes the theoretical and practical aspects of health education, offering a more profound understanding of the subject while enhancing leadership abilities.

These new programs reflect our Faculty’s ongoing commitment to remain at the forefront of medical education and to meet healthcare’s ever-changing needs. They allow our students to personalize their academic journey, centring it around their passions and professional goals. Microprograms add a practical dimension to learning and provide targeted and applicable skills.

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As a leader in medical education, the Faculty of Medicine also continues to move plans forward for the new Centre for Innovation in Medical Education (CiMED). The centre aims to implement a program focused on supporting medical teachers in their careers; build a pipeline for teachers who want to pursue further training in education; develop a team of educational advisors; establish a program to support and coordinate education scholarship; and build a community for teachers and educators across Ottawa.

CiMED’s team of experts, led by Dr. Jason Frank, Interim Director, is growing with the arrival of Dr. Clair Touchie as CiMED’s Associate Director, Educator Development. More postings will be announced shortly, such as Associate Director, Faculty Development and Teaching and Associate Director, Education Scholarship, along with continued recruitment of clinician educators.

Whether students are drawn to research, teaching, clinical practice, global health issues, or other aspects of modern medicine, our Faculty is committed to nurturing a community of dynamic, engaged, and highly competent learners ready to shape the medical field of the future. As we embark on a new academic year, we look forward to doing just that.

*Note: English-language Health Professions Education programs are offered exclusively by the Faculty of Education.

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